Transfer stickers are usually printed on PVC material, ensuring durability of the product, compatibility with all surfaces both indoors and outdoors, and allowing stickers of various sizes and shapes to be printed. One can also choose between matte and glossy stickers when ordering. We use different adhesives for transfer stickers, suitable for both permanent solutions and seasonal usage.

Transfer stickers can be easily, quickly and conveniently installed thanks to the transfer tape, requiring no previous know-how or experience.

Because of the advantages pointed out above, transfer stickers can be seen in commercial spaces, on the vehicles of private companies and state authorities, various glass surfaces and all kind of other surfaces requiring mark-up.

If desired, we can help you with the design of your transfer stickers and offer advice regarding the installation of stickers.

We use the following designing software:
– Adobe Photoshop CS4
– Adobe Illustrator CS4
– Corel X7

– Print files should preferably be submitted in editable PDF format, i.e. in composite PDF format with a scale of 1:1.
– Fonts must be converted to curves.
– Colours must conform to the .PDF/X-1a requirements, i.e. a composite PDF with CMYK or CMYK/spot colours is required.
– The name of your print file must reflect its content, communicating the information concerning the name and dimensions of the job contained in the file. Also avoid accented characters in your file names.

– Digit Print uses printers working with CMYK colour profiles.
– To obtain the most accurate CMYK colour profile result you must also provide the PMS code.

– Higher-resolution files are preferable, in keeping with higher quality and greater sharpness.
– When decreasing the aspect ratio in the file, the resolution must be increased according to the ratio.

– Files with a size of up to 2 GB may be submitted via the Wetransfer environment to the sales manager and/or project manager.
– We accept files sent via the Dropbox environment.
– Files can be uploaded to Digit Print’s public FTP server where the files are retained for 1–2 days before they are removed from the FTP server.
FTP server:
User name: digit.ftp
Password: digital